The Christopher Lucas Wilson Trio Bio  

Christopher Lucas Wilson is a hard swingin’ pianist originally from metropolitan Detroit, later transplanted to Los Angeles, and recently relocated to Chicago. As a child, Christopher was first introduced to music on a Grinnell Brothers piano in his parents’ living room by a now unknown piano teacher. Although this teacher’s name remains a mystery, Christopher remains indebted for his role in instilling a lifelong passion for music. 

The enlightening and freeing sound of swing is what first attracted Christopher to jazz. His interest in this feeling is what led him to begin exploring Detroit’s rich musical history which was and is replete with musical legends. He first studied with the late greats Bess Bonnier and Marcus Belgrave. Later, he would join the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Civic Jazz Program where he first met esteemed bassist and educator Rodney Whitaker. By the time Christopher graduated from high school, he was entrenched in swing and bebop and would go on to further his studies within the jazz program at Michigan State  University. While at Michigan State, he had the pleasure of studying and performing with Rodney  Whitaker, Wess “Warmdaddy” Anderson, Derrick Gardner, Vincent Chandler, Randy Gilespie, Diego  Rivera, and Rick Roe. After graduating Christopher immediately began performing with his trio in Detroit,  including a weekly jam session at the heralded Baker’s Keyboard Lounge. A short year later, Christopher relocated to sunny swingin’ Los Angeles where he fell in love with Southern California and spent nearly a  decade there as a result. During that time he played regularly with his trio and released two albums,  “Feelin’ Better” and “Leaving Los Angeles.” Christopher moved to Chicago shortly after and is honored and excited to be part of another incredible city rich with musical history.  

Christopher’s music is highly influenced by hard swing, bebop, and the rich history of jazz piano trios. His focus is the uplifting nature of swing and the beauty behind the jazz piano trio. His arrangements are thoughtful and his music contagious.  

‘There are players who skate more, players with more driving rhythms and more “original”  versions. For listeners thirsty for “notes…like hoisted water/raveling off a bucket,” for the generous  lyricism that left the planet with Hank Jones and Tommy Flanagan, Christopher Wilson is a  reminder that our musical well is deep and fresh, that a new generation of players can still lead us  to it.’