Rossano Sportiello was born in Italy on June 1st 1974. At the age of 16 he was already performing jazz piano professionally in the Milan area while still studying classical music. He graduated in classical piano in 1996.

Since 1994 Rossano has performed in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Norway, United Kingdom, USA, Hungary, Israel, Japan and South Korea.

In 2007 Rossano married American writer Lala Moore and moved to New York City. 

Rossano maintains a full schedule of concerts in the United States and Europe and even though he’s an Italian born musician, he’s considered to be one of the major interpreters of the American jazz idiom, with particular attention to the period from the Harlem Stride piano style of the ‘20s and ‘30s to the Be-Bop of the ‘50s.

Rossano has received a number of distinguished awards in the field such as the “Prix du Jazz Classique” (France) in 2005, the Ascona Jazz Award (Switzerland) in 2009, the “Premio Vittorio Ramella” (Italy) in 2011 and “Premio Valenza Jazz 2016” (Italy).