New Nostalgia is a Chicago-based fusion horn band that blends jazz, pop and rock flavors together in hard-hitting instrumental ensemble arrangements. Led by saxophonist and composer/ arranger Neil Carson, New Nostalgia straddles genre lines with intricate arranging and improvisation, singable melodies, and unstoppable rock energy.

New Nostalgia’s 2019 self-titled debut album features instrumental covers of 1980’s pop songs and was awarded 4 stars from Downbeat magazine, writing “Power-polychord instrumental rock at its finest, toying thoughtfully with form, deconstructing and reconstructing melody lines…and soloing with soul-stirring exuberance.” In 2021 they released Frankenstein Sessions, a remote- recorded EP of covid-era original material, and in 2022 recorded three singles for upcoming release.

A one-of-a-kind band that refuses easy categorization, New Nostalgia satisfies the ears while challenging them, and strives to make an honest, thoughtful statement in the modern musical conversation.