On Made In New Orleans, New Breed Brass Band presents a brand of second line music in conversation with everything from Caribbean music to No Limit Records to modern R&B in the vein of Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak’s Silk Sonic. Guest appearances — including from local legends Kango Slim, Wild Wayne, and the late great 5th Ward Weebie, as well as Dave Matthews Band saxophonist Jeff Coffin — deepen the exuberant chaos. It’s joyful and vital and distinctly of the moment — music for and by New Orleans’ next generation. 

Though the young musicians were ensconced in second line culture — band leader Jenard Andrews’ father is the great trumpeter James Andrews, and his uncle is Trombone Shorty, the New Orleans scene lynchpin — it took something of an intervention to help them find their own sound. 

Says Jenard: “In New Orleans, everyone starts out as a Rebirth cover band until you find your thing. We were jamming out on some Rebirth stuff at Trombone Shorty’s studio. Shorty comes in and gives it to us straight: “This isn’t practicing, you’re just jamming on some Rebirth. You’ve gotta find your own thing.” 

Trombone Shorty began coaching them up, and their sound took shape: The rhythmic versatility of the local jazz and funk scenes — as well New Orleans hip-hop from Cash Money to bounce — fused with second line culture to create something distinctly theirs. As Jenard puts it: “We wanted to get real New Orleans street on them.”

Audiences took notice. They toured North America and Europe, and opened for The Fray, Blackalicious, Dr. John, and eventually Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue. With Made In New Orleans, New Breed Brass Band forge a new path for 21st century second lines — it’s just up to listeners to follow their lead down the parade route.