Formed in 2012, Lalo Cura melds Latin and soul music, resulting in a fusion of powerful rhythms and irresistible melodies. Their music is characterized by Santana-inspired guitar solos and culturally progressive lyrics anchored in universal experiences such as love and social issues. Singing primarily in Spanish, Lalo Cura easily connects with all audiences.

The Goshen-based band is lead by Rafael Chávez y Moreno on guitar and vocals; Sam Que on saxophone; Brendyn Cane on drums; Khalin Diggings (AKA The Great Khalin) on bass and Terrell “T-Rex” Ross on Keys.

“The band never stops evolving,” Rafael says. “That is why it is still engaging to all of us. For me, the band is at its best place, musically and mentally, and that has taken a lot of work from each of us; a lot of commitment. I started this band in 2012, but in 2017, Sam and I hit the reset button and I believe that to be the real starting point of what Lalo Cura is today. These musicians … have created the most interesting and challenging musical context I have ever been in. I am looking forward to what we will do in the future.”