Charles Troy, America’s most acclaimed dramatic musical theatre historian, is a graphic designer and former theatre lyricist who has created more than fifty multimedia presentations on  American music subjects. These visually seamless presentations combine his own original graphics with historic photos, edited audio tracks with the lyrics displayed onscreen, and illustrative video clips — all coordinated with a scripted narrative, evolved from his extensive research, that weaves the pertinent events into a dramatic tale. Frequently he adapts his presentations to feature live performers  singing some of the songs. Charles is based in the Chicago area, where he appears monthly at the Skokie Theatre. The last two years he appeared regularly at the historic Woodstock Opera House in Woodstock, IL. He has also appeared four times at the Elkhart Jazz Festival, four times at the York Theatre Company in New York City, for ten straight years at the annual Cole Porter Festival in  Porter’s hometown of Peru, Indiana, in Scottsdale, San Francisco, and he makes a tour of Florida every January.

David Edelfelt is “a consummate song interpreter [who] probably sounds great singing the weather forecast” – “one of Chicago’s best” [Chicago Tribune]. His one-man shows have been called  “superlative from start to finish, hilarious, deliciously engaging and simply brilliant.” David has delighted cabaret audiences throughout Chicagoland and beyond for many years, and made his Paris debut in 2019 with Elizabeth Doyle singing their highly acclaimed Cole Porter review “De-Lovely”. This is his fourth consecutive year performing at the Elkhart Jazz Festival. David is also voice teacher, vocal coach and arranger to some of Chicago’s most successful singers, as well as a respected choral conductor. See him directly – or or – for his nationally acclaimed CDs: “Love is Born at Christmas” and the inspiring “better”.

Elizabeth Doyle, singer-pianist-composer-lyricist and music director, was a featured guest on the late Marian McPartland’s  PR program Piano Jazz and a magnet at Chicago’s famed Pump Room. She recently completed a Cabaret Connexion Tour in France and performed at Cafe Sabarsky in New York and the Frick  Museum in Pittsburgh with Claudia Hommel. She and Jenny Riddle are performing “Pets At the White House” during this election season. Edelfelt and Doyle will be headliners for the Cole Porter  Festival June 2020 in Porter’s home town of Peru, Indiana. Doyle, an After Dark award winner and a Meier Foundation recipient, has been the composer for several musicals including Sleepy Hollow, Fat Tuesday, Duo and Burnham’s Dream. Doyle has two commercial CDs, Elizabeth Doyle and Time Flies. For more info, please visit: