Gingrich is a Drummer, Composer, and Producer from Goshen, Indiana. While performing as a solo act, he still plays with “The Main Squeeze,” a band focusing on soul, hip-hop, and funk fused with rock. Gingrich’s debut album, “Blue Islands” was released this past May. “The goals, hopes, and dreams of an artist are the destination, and the artist’s idea of what his or her ideal destination is will change and shift over the course of time, Says gingrich of his own musical journey, “I believe that in order to achieve happiness and satisfaction with one’s life as an artist it is paramount to embrace and enjoy the journey – not just focus solely on the destination.” Gingrich’s music reflects this, as his pieces blend and mix different genres and sounds that the listener may not have thought to put together, allowing us to travel with him on his journey through sound and musical development