Alex Anest is an American guitarist, teacher, and bandleader currently based in Southeast Michigan.

His projects as a leader or co-leader have included The Alex Anest Organ Trio/Electric Four, Nomad, The Ann Arbor Guitar Trio, and Giraffe, among others. These groups focus on improvisation, groove, creativity, and most of all a commitment to connection, both among the group members and with the audience.

He has released fourteen recordings as leader or co-leader and has appeared on another twenty-five records by a staggering variety of other artists including Gayelynn McKinney, Evan Veasey, Makadem, Nancy Ambrose King, Kevin Meisel, and Dave Sharp. Music has taken Alex around the midwest, south, and northeast of the U.S. as well as to Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Italy.

Regardless of the setting, Alex is an inventive and exciting player. In addition to performing and recording, he has extensive private teaching experience and was described by Ellen Rowe as “an excellent explainer of the guitar.”

Alex holds degrees from the University of Michigan and Bowling Green State University, and has studied with  Miles Okazaki, Benny Green, Ellen Rowe, Chris Buzzelli, and Jeff Halsey.