Project Description

“A couple of years back, renowned jazz trumpeter Christian Scott introduced the concept of ‘stretch music’ in his album of the same name. The idea was one not of total re-invention or boundary-smashing, but rather of taking one’s creative vocabulary and stretching it to include as much style and range as possible, incorporating uncommon influences while remaining true to one’s musical roots.

Philly duo Trap Rabbit could easily qualify as stretch music… though they might prefer their own category of “weirdo beat rock.” Indeed, Arjun Dube’s complex drumbeats are prominently present in the band’s work, propping up and goading on Logan Roth’s expressionistic keyboard playing. It’s rooted in freewheeling jazz improvisation, but also lively hip-hop energy; sleek and suave disco grooves, and also laid-back funk. In the spirit of Medeski, Martin and Wood and Badbadnotgood, Trap Rabbit delivers raw and explosive instrumentals that hit a spectrum of stylistic touchpoints…

Founded in 2015, Trap Rabbit first popped up around the scene as the backing players for left-of-center rappers like MH the Verb. [T]hey released their debut EP, Empress, a compelling four-song set produced and engineered by Eric Bazilian (The Hooters) at his studio in Villanova… Songs cavort from serene openings to cathartic crescendos… tight grooves to a loose freeform melee… and even touches of modern classical…”