“The Assunto Dukes, a Dixieland Tribute” pay tribute to Frank, Freddie and Papa Jac Assunto, who formed The Dukes of Dixieland in 1950. Through the 1950s and 1960s, they sold millions of records, made countless TV appearances, and were called by Ed Sullivan, “The number 1 jazz combo in the country.”  Sadly, both brothers died tragically young, but that style of music lives on with The Assunto Dukes Tribute, featuring Frank’s grand daughter Lexie Assunto on vocals, and managed by Frank’s son, Deano Assunto.

The band is made up of a solid group of top shelf born and bred New Orleans musicians, who appreciate, understand, and honor the legacy of the Assunto family’s contributions to New Orleans Jazz.  

While there is no intention of duplicating the music of yesteryear, The Assunto Dukes strive to interpret the repertoire to the best of their ability, relying on the influence and inspiration of the Assunto family.  It is a firm belief of The Assunto Dukes that the music Frank and Freddie Assunto cannot be duplicated, however, the enthusiasm and musicianship will certainly be representative of the Original Dukes.


The sound, the style, the swagger.  The Assunto Dukes Tribute.