Project Description

After Ours is a “head-nod-jazz” duo from South Bend, IN comprised of Eli Kahn (7-string guitars & madness) & Arthur Schroeder (drumset). With their unique approach to improvisation & dynamic range & having worked together for 10+ years as the rhythm sections in different groups, the two musicians have developed a tight chemistry that translates to their original music & interpretations of contemporary tunes.

Eli Kahn is a graduate in of Indiana University South Bend, where he studied classical guitar & music theory. Since graduating in 2010, he has worked with numerous acts ranging from avant-garde jazz to hip-hop. By using a hybrid guitar & looping pedals, he is able to seamlessly produce the sound of several players by himself.

Arthur Schroeder is a drummer with influences ranging from jazz to hip-hop to modern rock. Having played drumset for over 20 years, he now plays in local/regional acts of all genres & also instructs at South Bend Music.