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Kris Brownlee continues to set the pace in contemporary jazz while staying true to his Midwestern roots.

The Fort Wayne native has built an international following with his work on the saxophone. He majored in psychology and classical music performance at Manchester College – an interesting double that provided a foundation for his career. “Everything is so technical and rigid, and just learning it that strictly, I think, allows you to branch off into other forms of music that are much more free and liberal,” Brownlee told Ink News early in his career.

More recently, he collaborated with Grammy Award-winning producer Michael Broening, Argentine vocalist Gabriela Anders, and legendary guitarist Freddie Fox on his third full-length release, “Sincerely Yours.” The results were soulful arrangements and two singles with airplay and chart activity.

Whether on stage with his four-piece band or scaled down to just his sax and an accompanying guitar, Brownlee finds a way to captivate his audience. And, occasionally, the contemporary sound gives way to straight-ahead and bebop jazz.